Why A Self-Titled Album

We wanted to take a moment and explain (to those interested) why we chose to make this album "self-titled." If you're not completely sure what that is, it just means that there will not be a secondary title on the album (ie. "High Above it All" was the title of our live album) Our intention behind self-titling this album is simply to say "this is who we are." Being an independent artist, we've had the incredible privilege of releasing an album that reflects our willful obedience to the Lord. We've had the freedom to do what we think is right, without the potential snares that can come along with industry ties. And, this is the first album we've ever recorded that is comprised completely of original songs, written by us! On past records, we've loved taking others' amazing songs and making them our own by adding twists and turns, and creating original arrangements. However, this time, from start to finish, having poured countless hours over the last 3 years creating and shaping these songs ourselves, we are proud to say, "this is who we are."

We wanted to create an album that captures a passionate and genuinely worshipful experience throughout the entire process. From the first note struck, from the first word sung, from the first blooming thought, we were worshipping. We've been worshipping. We still are worshipping. Whether it's with our intentions behind the songs, the way we've displayed them, the time we've poured in, loving the people we've worked with along the way, leading the church in song, or giving the credit where it's due, our goal has been and always will be this: to point people to Jesus.

We sought the help of a few talented writers and a producer to help us craft the album well, and now we're stoked to present these songs as a offering that stems from the depths of our hearts. It is a honest display of the gifts God has given us. Gifts that were given to us, simply so that we could give them back, and experience the joy that comes with that. We are so grateful for what we get to do. Most of the time, we can't believe we get to call this our job. We've seen the Lord provide and work through us miraculously, and we are beyond thankful that we get to be a part of what He's doing in the lives of His children.

We believe, especially being a worship band, that authenticity is the most essential aspect of worshipping our Creator. Although we often get consumed by ourselves and the daunting thoughts of those around us, He knows our heart. He sees us. Therefore, we want to create music that reflects a knowledge of that truth. Our hope is that these songs really change people. Whether you're listening in your car, in your home, in your headphones, or worshipping in a live setting, we want to lead you to an encounter with Jesus; and no one that truly encounters Jesus, leaves unchanged. If this album has encouraged and built up the church by leading us into a deeper love and understanding of God, we've accomplished our goal.

This album serves as a plea to the church. Worship the Lord in all seasons of your life; the highs and the lows alike. In the depths and the darkest hours, He is near. His promise is sure. There is life transformation, healing, truth, joy, and peace waiting for us. We need only to seek our Creator with everything we have, letting Him give us what we actually need: Him.