Our Week in Seattle: Update #1

Saturday (November 11), For All Seasons arrived in Seattle, WA for a week of ministry and fun. The boys drove the full 12,000+ miles in just under 22 hours, while the girls took a dainty 2.5 hour plane ride straight to the waterfront city (Some would say we had the better end of the deal ;). So, after a day of recouping and settling in to the Luckey household (Jeff's parents) we headed to Alderwood Community Church in Lynnwood to set up and sound check. Alderwood is a beautiful multigenerational church community that was so incredibly gracious and encouraging to our ministry. After spending our morning worshipping with these fine folks, we headed back to the Luckey headquarters and rested, at thai, watched some television, and then rested some more.

The next two days will be a chance for us to see the city, and spend some quality time with one another. Wednesday starts a 3-day whirlwind of worship services (which we couldn't be more happy about):

Wed AM: Seattle Christian School

Wed PM: Alderwood Community Youth Group

Thursday AM: Cedar Park Christian School

Friday AM: Kings Schools


Thats all for our first update. We'll touch base again later on in the week. But, in the mean time we would appreciate your prayers as we prepare to meet and minister to many students over the next 5 days.