A New Season for Jimmy

For All Seasons is a family. We travel together, eat together, fight together, laugh together, create together, and just do life together. So, this next announcement is one of the hardest we will ever make. This past March was Jimmy's last month with For All Seasons. We are really going to miss the life he brought to the ministry, but we all (Jimmy included) truly believe that this is the next step God would have him take. Instead of sharing his heart for him, he has written the following words of love and gratitude. We ask, that you would be praying for him as he takes this next step in his journey. 

"There is no easy way to say goodbye to something or someone that really matters to you. And when you have to let go of those things that mean so much to you, it feels as though you are losing a part of  yourself.

"That is what I've experienced in having to say goodbye to being a part of For All Seasons. The last three and a half years of my life have been fully immersed in ministry through writing and playing music alongside 4 individuals who have all grown to be like family to me. Up to this point in my life, For All Seasons and all that it has stood for has been the biggest blessing and joy in my life, which has also made the decision to part ways  the most difficult thing I have ever done.

"Please know that my decision to leave the band was not due to anything bad between the other members and myself. I have always felt that my time in this ministry would be for a specific season, but I really had no idea when it would come to an end for me. And this truly came much sooner than I had thought or even wanted, but I knew based on where my life is at and currently headed that I could no longer continue to fully invest in the ways this ministry truly deserved. I know that Emily, Johnny, Jeff, and Randy have a passion and desire to see God use this band in huge ways, and I wholeheartedly desire for them to continue pursuing their calling in For All Seasons. 

"With this chapter of my life coming to a close, I know the things I have experienced while being in the band will forever change the way I choose to live the rest of my life. I have experienced so much joy in the ways God chose to use me and the places He chose to take me. I cannot look back on my involvement with this ministry with anything but gratitude and thankfulness that I was even given the opportunity to do what I was able to. While I know that God deserves all credit and glory for what For All Seasons is and will continue to grow to be, I also know that this band has seen God’s blessings through all of you in the ways you've supported us as a group and as individuals throughout this journey. I am so grateful for all of you who have given so much of your time, energy, resources, encouragement, and prayer for us as a band and for me, personally, over the past four years. With complete sincerity, I know who I am today and who I will continue to strive to be is due in part to what you all have done for me. I would be lying to you all if I said that I knew exactly what I was heading into and that I wasn’t scared of the uncertainty of my future. This has been the hardest transition I have ever had to make in my life so far, and there are days when it is extremely hard to face the reality that I’m no longer going to be a part of the band. But, just as what we've told countless people throughout the years what the name For All Seasons means, God is worthy of our worship in every season of our lives. I have to choose to surrender my hopes, fears, doubts, and joys to the Lord, everyday believing He is more than enough for me. And when I am able to do that, I will begin to live in the freedom and joy of knowing how much He delights in me and how He desires to use me wherever He calls me. That is a truth that I learned in being a part of For All Seasons and that I will carry with me and be challenged by for the rest of my life, which I am truly grateful for. I hope that this band will continue to challenge and inspire that pursuit to everyone they come in contact with. 

Thank you all so much for your love and support and for continuing to believe in what For All Seasons is all about. "

 Sincerely,   JIMMY

Over the next couple months, you may still see Jimmy playing with us as we transition into finding a new bass player. He is still very much a part of this ministry at its core and we will always consider him a part of our family, no matter how close or far he is. Please keep Jimmy and this ministry in your prayers as we all make a transition. Thank you.