Music Review: Urban Rescue

Whenever we come down the hill from Hume, we are able to reconnect with the world a little bit; see whats happening in the news, call friends and family, AND see what new music has been released! So, last week during our trip back home, we stumbled upon the new Urban Rescue album, called “Empty Listen.” We first heard of UR when we were given their song “On this Beautiful Night” (if you’ve never heard it, you NEED to). When we discovered that they had released a new album, we had to have it. And, lets just say, we haven’t been let down yet.


The album consists of eleven tracks, all with a fresh ambient, percussion heavy sound. The lyrics are full of truth, and I think I could definitely say that as a whole, the album is “life-giving.”

One of our favorite tracks is the opening song “Take Me Back.” It offers a little bit of everything; strong, soothing vocals, intricate drums, and a powerful melody. The lyrics speak of the hope we have in knowing that God sees us and loves us, as well as our response to the fact that He will always take us back.

Another favorite, which has a more calming sound, is “Without You.” The melody is strong and beautiful. In fact, its one of those melodies you just cant get enough of. Its soothing to the soul, to say the least.

All this to say, we highly encourage you to get the new Urban Rescue album. They are definitely going in a great direction and we would hope you would agree!