Our "In Between-Days"

Last week was FULL. If you weren't following us closely on social media, we were on the road for 9 days. And over the course of those 9 days, we played 11 times. We saw God do so much; stories of people choosing to follow Jesus for the first time, witnessing students come to a deeper understanding of what Jesus is calling them to, as well as hearing over 5,000 voices throughout the week praising their Creator. We finished the 9 days exhausted. Exhausted because we were constantly on the go, packing and unpacking, driving and driving and driving. But more importantly we finished the week grateful. Grateful for the fact that our Savior allows us to see and be a part of what He is doing throughout the state. Thursday, at 8:55a, we board a plane that will take us straight to the music capital to record our next full length album. For 3 weeks, we will be in a studio in Nashville creating, dreaming, and working towards getting the record finished. We can't fully explain how excited we are about this opportunity. And, we know that we will need all the prayer and support we can get (if you interested in knowing some of the ways you can bee praying for us, go <a href="http://www.forallseasonsmusic.com/new-album-coming/" title="Prayer Requests Concerning the New Album">here</a>).

In the midst of these two huge endeavors, we have two days. And, let me tell you how grateful we are for these two days. Over the past few years in this ministry, God has been teaching us the importance of rest. We always convince ourselves that every minute of our day can be filled. That we can DO and DO and never actually get weary. During this last trip out, more than any other, God really reminded us of the importance of rest. So often we want to try and ACHIEVE and DO the most that we can for Jesus, and we forget that if we aren't healthy (emotionally, spiritually and physically) our ministry will suffer. God created rest and intended us to actually PRACTICE IT. So, for these two days our only agenda will be.... rest.

So, more than anything, this post is a reminder for myself. Sometimes as I write or speak, God uses my own words to remind me of something I have forgotten or strayed from. But, I also hope it can be a reminder for you as well. Bottom line: Doing things is not bad, but if you do not practice rest, you will reach the point of utter exhaustion and then you will be useless. Allow God moments in Your life to refresh and refill you. He created us to need it.