Happy Thanksgiving

Today, and EVERYDAY, For All Seasons is thankful for: 

  • Our families and the way they continually support and love us day by day in this ministry. 
  • The generous people who have donated their time, talents, and money to keep this ministry going.
  • The families who have cooked meals for us and let us stay comfortably in their homes while we are on the road. You are all a part of our extended family now.
  • Technology and how modern recording has transformed the industry. We have direct access to music lovers (you guys) now with just a click. 
  • All the musical artists who make incredible music and inspire us to push forward in our own craft.
  • All the friends we've made all over the country and the ways you love and encourage us even though we see each other once or twice a year. 
  • The people who have committed to pray for our marriages and relationships
  • All of you who have shared our music with friends, families, and congregations. 
  • All the churches, camps, and organizations that have entrusted us with the responsibility to lead their members in worship of Jesus.
  • Our health and the fact that God protects our voices and bodies from sickness while we’re doing ministry.
  • Those who have sent us encouraging emails and posts. The stories of how God has used our music in your lives is a huge part of what keeps us going. 
  • Every great coffee shop that has kept us awake on the road. 
  • An incredible vehicle and trailer that allows us to travel and play our music all around the country.
  • Equipment that works and enables us to use our gifts in the best way possible. 
  • The gift of laughter and fun, especially during the long drawn out practices or late nights driving. 
  • The team that God is continually building and surrounding us with to help expand our influence and spread our music. 

Love you all so much and hope that your day is filled with joy and thanksgiving for all the Lord has done and all He will continue to do. 

For All Seasons

Emily, Johnny, Jeff, Randy, Mattie & Bryce