Goodbye Hume. Hello Unknown.

1 Fall Season full of yellow trees, jumping 5-8 graders, new friendships, and a cheetah named Tango.

3 Winters full of snow (or the lack thereof), cardboard box sleds, deep relationships, and red snow jackets.

4 summers full of shouting recreation teams, late nights under the stars, milkshakes, and incredible life transformation. 

This is the fastest way to summarize 4 of the most inspirational years of our lives. God gave us the gift of being a part of the ministry at Hume Lake and allowed us to see, front row, the way that He changes young people’s lives forever. We could tell story after story full of the laughter, passion, tears, and God’s undeserved grace that we experienced here.

So, many of you are asking, why leave? Whats next that could be better than this? We wanted to take a moment to explain to you the heart behind “leaving” Hume.

First, its important for you to know that For All Seasons will still be a band that is passionate about people worshipping their Creator and Savior. As we walk away from Hume this summer, we are diving head first into incredible opportunities to minister to people around the nation. By God’s grace, our ministry will continue to grow and flourish as we keep Christ at the center.

Now we must answer the question, “Why leave?” Since the start of this band, our goal has been to follow the Holy Spirit wherever He leads. When the opportunity was presented to us to be a part of Hume in 2010, we first began to understand the importance and value of following Him into the unknown. Taking the position at Hume forced us to trust Him. We didn't know what would come from that first seasons at Hume, and we were unsure if we were fully ready to be leading in that capacity. All we were sure of was that Hume was where God wanted us. He had opened the door, so we were going to be faithful to walk through it. By choosing to view every ministry decision this way, we have remained dependent on God. Its no longer about what we think will make us most successful or benefit us the most. Its purely about what God want us to do, and whether or not we will be faithful in whatever that is. As we are now finishing our 4th summer here, we are sensing His leading again. Instead of relying on the comforts and consistency that Hume now provides us, we are wanting to be pushed back into the unknown where our only option is to trust the Spirit to provide and lead us.

As we look forward from here into that deep unknown, all we can ask from you is that you would continue to support and pray for us. We are realizing now, more than ever, the huge For All Season’s family we are now apart of. So many of you have watched us grow over the years, and have been relentless in your constant support and encouragement. As we branch out, we will continue to covet that support. Continue to check in with our schedule, because we want to see you! There is such an incredible joy and comfort in seeing old friends in new places :) If you feel led, share our music with the people around you. Join us and help us spread the message of the gospel through music. We love you all so much and are so grateful for the ways you have poured out love and encouragement. Hope to see you soon!!!