Album Update

Its been a few weeks since we checked in to update you on the progress of the new album. April 18, we came home from Nashville feeling great about everything we had completed. Our producer, Jared, was such an essential part of our team as he helped us execute every aspect of the album well. The trip itself was amazing; full of new relationships and new possibilities. We're never quite ready to come back to California ;) So, now the question is, "when can we expect the new album?" Thats a great question, and we are trying to get a final answer as soon as possible. As of now, we have a few post production things to finish (keys, background vocals, percussion, etc) and then it begins finals mixing and then mastering. We are confident that the album will be released some time this summer, but we are unsure of the exact date. Just make sure you keep your eye out on social media for any updates or opportunities to pre-order. We believe so much in this album, and are confident that you will find it to be full of original "FAS" moments.

Thanks so much for all your support and we would love your continued prayers are we move forward with the release!

Emily & the boys