2015 Cover Contest Winners

Hey all! We wanted to share with you the winners of our 2015 Cover Contest. We had some GREAT submissions, which made it really difficult to choose the winners. But after lots of YouTube watching and adding together all of our scores, we arrived at the winners! Below are the top 3 videos, and therefore the winners of our contest. If you are interested in seeing all of the submissions, make sure you check out the Youtube playlist we created on our channel.  


This cover feature DJ & Chris, two very talented guitarists and vocalists, taking on their own rendition of "High Above it All." We especially loved the creative liberties they took on the instrumentals! The lighting does go out towards the end, but based off the look on their faces, we're assuming that wasn't supposed to happen. :)




This beautiful video features Worthy Venture doing a mash up of "King Forever" AND "Only You." We especially loved the guitar work and their sweet harmonies. Their vocal blend sounds awesome! The intro of them prepping for the video was an added bonus.




This video is quality! Taylor Lanning, Joe DiGerolamo & Jake Rice are featured here doing an acoustic version of "High Above It All." Taylor's vocals are spot on, hitting every low note in the verses, and all the highs in the choruses and bridge. And, instead of the 3 guitars crowding each other, they compliment perfectly. We also loved the added effort of great sound/video quality.



We want to make sure we say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that took the time to enter the contest & congrats to our winners!  You are all such talented individuals and we loved getting the opportunity to see your talents at play! Whether or not you entered, make sure you take the time to see all the entries and encourage them through comments while you're at it.


Thanks everybody!